Hotel Verano


The ease of leaving the car in the same place where you stay

We can hardly find a site that offers parking and accommodation in one place.

At Hotel Verano you can count on a 24-hour parking lot at the same location and you won’t have to worry about getting to look for a place to leave the car once you arrive at the hotel and avoid having to go out and look for the car every time it is required.

Hotel Verano

Another Services

International Tv


Enjoy the best international and Colombian television channels while you are in your room.

Keep up to date with the best series, movies, novels and news from the comfort of your bed.



Being connected 24 hours with family and friends is a real need, that is why at the time of registration you will have a password to enter our Wifi network, where you can stay online 24 hours and from any area of ​​the hotel.